Dr. Dora Pachova, MD

Master degree in homeopathic therapy, Master degree in Family therapy of the disabled.
Director of Center for Health and Education “Edicta”, Bulgaria,
ECH Education coordinator, NVP LMHI Bulgaria


Duration: 12 video with 19,5 hours lectures
Language: lectures on English; consecutive translation into Turkish


In this seminar we explore the Bowel nosodes as an important group of remedies for preventing and curing endocrine, metabolic, autoimmune diseases, anxiety, depression, memory problems and any other chronic condition.

Doctors see a lot of patients with complicated medical histories in clinical practice today. There are often multiple aetiological factors and some of them can represent obstacles to cure – environmental factors, belief systems, bacterial colonic dysbiosis, etc.

The recovery of the health and microbiome; the removal of blockages many times require more than one single remedy, prescribed according to the basic laws and principles of homeopathy. We often need additional remedies and well-built strategies.

Some of the bowel nosodes have an affinity to one or two organs, some have specific “script” over body – congestion, rigidity, etc. Bowel nosodes have an idiosyncratic origin, but they are homeopathic remedies, each with their own Materia Medica and therapeutic focus. Each bowel nosode has stronger relationship with particular constitutional remedies, but sometimes we prescribe them on aethiological basis – when the organism was not able to recover after particular infection.

The human microbiome performs fundamental metabolic reactions that are not encoded in the human genome, but are necessary for survival. Almost 100 years ago homeopathic physicians – Dr. Edward Bach, Drs. George and Elisabeth Paterson had performed a very serious work and gave the homeopathic profession the understanding how bowel flora affects body and mind.

Dr. Dora Pachova illustrates the prescription and therapeutic effect of bowel nosodes with examples from her 30-year clinical practice and give practical training to the participants when and how to prescribe them.


Systems thinking in holistic medicine The human microbiome and its role in the chronic diseases Materia Medica of the Bowel Nosodes. The relationships between the nosodes and the classical materia medica Prescription and posology.


Dr. Dora Pachova is a medical doctor with 30-year full time clinical practice in the field of homeopathy. She has a Master degree of Homeopathic Therapy and a Master degree of Family therapy of families with disabled members.

She is the founder and director of Center for Health and Education “EDICTA” and Homeopathic school „Edicta“.

She teaches homeopathy since 28 years in Bulgaria, since 10 years in Macedonia and at Medipol University in Turkey (2012-2019). She is a lecturer at national and international seminars, conferences and webinars. Dr. Pachova is founder of the project for prenatal care “The Charm of life “- providing lectures and issuing books and CD’s with music for pregnant women. She is Pachova is one of the authors of the monography “Homeopathic Treatment in Bulgaria”, published by National Center for Public Health and Analysis, Ministry of Health.

Dr. Dora Pachova is Director of Center for Health and Education “Edicta”, NVP LMHI for Bulgaria, Education coordinator for European Committee for Homeopathy, and chairperson of the Association of Homoeopathic Physicians in Bulgaria.

Since 2012 Dr. Pachova participates as a homeopathic physician in a Research project of Sofia University; Physiology Department – “Measuring effect of homeopathic remedies with Hearth Rate Variability tests”. One of her fields of interest is “Homeopathy and family dynamics” – about which she has presented at different congresses and published articles in Bulgaria and the journals “Homeopathic Heritage International” and “National Journal of Homeopathy” in India

Bulgarian Journal Business Lady has pointed Dr. Dora Pachova as one of 12 TOP women in Bulgarian Healthcare for 2016 – a big appreciation for homeopathy in Bulgaria.

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